MPP’s 2016 Arizona Marijuana Regulation Initiative – The “Almost” Final Draft

On 04/09/15, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) released the nearly final draft of their 2016 Arizona Marijuana Regulation Initiative.

You can read the proposed initiative in it’s entirety here:

MPP AZ Draft 4.9.15

In an email sent out on 04/09/15, MPP’s attorney Heather Azzi said;

If you catch any mistakes or have any feedback for us, please direct it to Carlos Alfaro by the end of the day on Friday and we will be sure to consider it over the weekend…

We plan to review and incorporate any edits suggested by the Legislative Council over the weekend (and to have it proofread) and to file the initiative with the Secretary of State sometime next week.


The Arizonans for Mindful Regulation, and numerous other Arizona marijuana activist groups including Safer Arizona, have responded to MPP by sending them an email asking them to work with the community to include the 5 non-negotiable provisions that the Cannabis Consumer Coalition unanimously agreed upon.

Updates coming your way as soon as we get them!