Can we pass Prop. 205 now, and then just FIX it later?

  The “Vote yes on Prop. 205 now, and fix it later” option, is NOT an option at all! The Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are paying MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for Prop. 205 to pass specifically because it gives them an OLIGOPOLY on the entire Arizona Marijuana Market AND because Prop. 205 leaves the FELONY penalties […]

Prop. 205 could cause the Arizona Unemployment Rate to SKYROCKET!

Prop. 205 makes it legal to Possess and Use 1 Ounce of Marijuana in Arizona. According to the Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee, there are an estimated 587,100 Marijuana Consumers in Arizona. Prop. 205 specifically says that a person can be FIRED by their EMPLOYER for testing positive for LEGAL Marijuana! (Even if the person […]

Arizona Marijuana Prohibitionist Group Files LAWSUIT To Stop Prop. 205 Campaign

July 11, 2016 – Phoenix — In a bizarre twist, the Arizonans For Responsible Drug Policy (ARDP) has filed a Lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court seeking to prevent the MPP’s “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” Initiative from being placed on the Arizona ballot this November. The Arizonans For Responsible Drug Policy (ARDP) is […]

CAMP 420’s Open Letter to Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

This letter was written by CAMP 420’s Director and longtime AZ Marijuana Activist, Rain Baker. Rain sent this letter directly to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary owners who are supporting MPP’s Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. It’s widely known that CAMP 420 has supported the AZFMR Initiative from the very beginning, and Rain has […]

VIDEO: Marijuana Attorney Tom Dean’s legal analysis of Prop. 205

Tom Dean, a nationally known Marijuana Attorney, speaks about the Arizonans for Mindful Regulation Initiative and explains why the MPP initiative is bad for people who actually consumer marijuana in Arizona. In these 2 video interviews, Mr. Dean explains why the MPP initiative would actually INCREASE the amount of people who will be arrested and […]

MPP files their 2016 Arizona Marijuana Regulation Initiative

On 4/17/15, MPP released the final draft of their 2016 marijuana regulation initiative to the media, prior to releasing the draft to the Arizona marijuana community. Later that same afternoon, MPP held a Press Conference at the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office to announce that they had just officially filed their marijuana regulation initiative. The […]

MPP’s 2016 Arizona Marijuana Regulation Initiative – The “Almost” Final Draft

On 04/09/15, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) released the nearly final draft of their 2016 Arizona Marijuana Regulation Initiative. You can read the proposed initiative in it’s entirety here: MPP AZ Draft 4.9.15 In an email sent out on 04/09/15, MPP’s attorney Heather Azzi said; If you catch any mistakes or have any feedback for […]

MPP’s Rob Kampia responds to ARL’s competing initiative

After the newly formed group Arizonans for Responsible Legalization (ARL) announced their intention to run a competing marijuana initiative against MPP, the Director of MPP, Rob Kampia, sent out an email to the ARL and (somehow the Arizona marijuana activist groups) to address the issue. In his email to Gina, Rob goes on to say; […]

Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries file competing Marijuana Legalization Initiative

In a bizarre twist; A group of medical marijuana dispensary owners who were previously working WITH MPP to draft a marijuana legalization initiative, have now announced that they are filing a competing marijuana legalization initiative against MPP! The new group is calling themselves Arizonans for Responsible Legalization (ARL), and the Chairperson is Gina Berman of […]

MPP releases Draft Initiative

Earlier this week, the Marijuana Policy Project proposed their “Final Draft” for Arizona’s 2016 Initiative to Tax and Regulate Marijuana. Click Here For A PDF Version of the latest draft from our friends at Safer Arizona However, this “final draft” was rejected by the Arizona Dispensary Association and we are now waiting on the next […]