Arizona’s Marijuana Community Should Vote NO on Prop. 205!

Prop 205 Arizona Marijuana Legalization

Friends and Supporters in the Arizona Marijuana Community,

During the 2016 Campaign season, you were asked to choose between the AZFMR Marijuana Initiative and the MPP Marijuana Initiative.

Now we’re asking you to make an easier decision.

Today, we’re asking you to choose between RIGHT and WRONG.

Proposition 205 is clearly WRONG for Arizona in every way!

So if you’re a MEDICAL Marijuana Patient, a Recreational Marijuana Consumer, a Smoke Shop, a Medical Marijuana Doctors Office, a Marijuana Grower, a Marijuana Extraction Artist, a Marijuana Edibles chef, or simply a Marijuana Legalization supporter; PLEASE VOTE NO on Prop. 205!

Arizona’s Prop. 205:

• Could DESTROY the Arizona MEDICAL Marijuana Program!
• Leaves FELONY penalties in place for most Marijuana offenses!
•Creates a new Marijuana POLICE Department to enforce all of the Marijuana FELONIES.
• Could DESTROY Arizona’s Smoke Shops!
• Only includes “FAKE” Marijuana Grow Rights!
• Gives the AZ MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensaries an “Oligopoly” on the entire Marijuana Market!
• Allows your employer to FIRE YOU for using Marijuana, even if the Marijuana was used LEGALLY at your home!

To learn more about why Arizona’s Marijuana Consumers, Medical Marijuana Patients, and Smoke Shops are all Voting NO on Prop. 205, please check out the full list of reasons.

Thank you for your continued support!