If Prop. 205 gives the MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensaries an “Oligopoly” on the Arizona Marijuana Market, how does that affect Marijuana CONSUMERS?

Prop. 205 giving the Arizona MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensaries the “Oligopoly” on the entire Arizona Marijuana Market will ultimately cause the Black Market to thrive due to HIGH PRICES, LOW QUALITY, and LIMITED QUANTITIES!

According to the Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee’s report, there are an estimated 587,100 Marijuana Consumers in Arizona.

If Prop. 205 ONLY allows the existing Arizona MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensary Owners to grow and sell Recreational Marijuana in Arizona, but those Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are having to buy Marijuana illegally in order to keep up with the current demand of 100,000+ Medical Marijuana Patients, then obviously those very same MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensaries won’t be able to supply the demand of an estimated 587,100 Marijuana consumers in Arizona.

When these 94 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries can’t supply the demand of 587,100 recreational Marijuana consumers, those Marijuana consumers will have no choice but to purchase Marijuana from the BLACK MARKET instead.

In Prop. 205, any type of Black Market Marijuana activity is punishable by a FELONY penalty, often times with a “Mandatory Minimum PRISON Sentence.”

In other words, the MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensaries will have no choice but to ONLY grow the top-yielding strains in order to “try” and keep up with the demand of 587,100 Marijuana Consumers…

This means that many of the special “boutique” strains (OG’s, Cookies, etc.) will not be available for purchase in a retail Marijuana Dispensary because they are not big yielders. If you want one of those special “boutique” strains, you’ll be forced to buy Marijuana from the BLACK MARKET.

Put simply; If Prop. 205 does pass, we’ll have 94 Marijuana Dispensaries that Marijuana Consumers won’t want to shop at…