Arizona’s Marijuana Community Should Vote NO on Prop. 205!

Friends and Supporters in the Arizona Marijuana Community, During the 2016 Campaign season, you were asked to choose between the AZFMR Marijuana Initiative and the MPP Marijuana Initiative. Now we’re asking you to make an easier decision. Today, we’re asking you to choose between RIGHT and WRONG. Proposition 205 is clearly WRONG for Arizona in […]

Can we pass Prop. 205 now, and then just FIX it later?

  The “Vote yes on Prop. 205 now, and fix it later” option, is NOT an option at all! The Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are paying MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for Prop. 205 to pass specifically because it gives them an OLIGOPOLY on the entire Arizona Marijuana Market AND because Prop. 205 leaves the FELONY penalties […]

Prop. 205 could cause the Arizona Unemployment Rate to SKYROCKET!

Prop. 205 makes it legal to Possess and Use 1 Ounce of Marijuana in Arizona. According to the Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee, there are an estimated 587,100 Marijuana Consumers in Arizona. Prop. 205 specifically says that a person can be FIRED by their EMPLOYER for testing positive for LEGAL Marijuana! (Even if the person […]

Why We Filed 8 Arguments AGAINST the MPP’s 2016 Arizona Marijuana Initiative (Prop. 205)

Recently, Jason Medar of AZFMR’s “Marijuana Consumers Against FAKE Marijuana Legalization” Campaign filed EIGHT (8) arguments AGAINST the MPP’s Arizona Marijuana Initiative in the Arizona 2016 “Publicity Pamphlet.” (Also known as the “Arizona General Election Guide.“) The Arizona 2016 “Publicity Pamphlet” contains information about each Proposition on the ballot, including the actual language of the […]