Who could possibly support “Marijuana Legalization” but NOT support “Marijuana Decriminalization?”

Clearly, anyone who supports a “Marijuana Legalization” bill will support a “Marijuana Decriminalization” bill! Based on Polling from across the entire United States, we already know that the vast majority of Voters support “Marijuana Decriminalization.” In other words, if you think Marijuana should be made LEGAL, then you probably don’t think that people should be […]

Has any State ever tried to “Legalize” Marijuana without passing Marijuana “Decriminalization” first?

No. Arizona would be the very FIRST State to try to “Legalize Marijuana” while still leaving the FELONY penalties in place for low-level Marijuana crimes! Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. all passed “Marijuana Decriminalization” bills before trying to pass a “Marijuana Legalization” bill.  

Why did they REFUSE to include “Marijuana Decriminalization” in Prop. 205?

The Sponsors of Prop. 205 want us to believe that Marijuana is somehow SAFE enough to sell to all adults in a retail setting, but still DANGEROUS enough to justify sending adults to PRISON for breaking the Marijuana laws… WE AREN’T BUYING IT! The sad truth is, Prop. 205 does NOT include “Marijuana Decriminalization” because […]