Can Arizona’s Cities and Counties decide that ONLY the MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensaries can get any of the new RECREATIONAL Marijuana Business Licenses?

Yes! We fully expect that the majority of Arizona’s Cities and Counties will choose to say that ONLY the existing MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensaries will be allowed to receive any of the new Marijuana Retail Licenses, Marijuana Cultivation Licenses, and Marijuana Product Manufacturer Licenses.

For Example;

At the Phoenix City Council Meeting held on April 20th, 2016, the City of Phoenix passed an Emergency Ordinance to prevent any new MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensaries from moving to Phoenix.

At this very same Phoenix City Council Meeting, the Phoenix City Council-members all agreed that: “The City of Phoenix doesn’t want the number of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries that we currently have, so we definitely don’t want more of these Medical Marijuana Dispensaries coming to Phoenix.

If the City of Phoenix doesn’t want the 15 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries that they CURRENTLY have, how many more RECREATIONAL Marijuana Dispensaries will the City of Phoenix want if Prop. 205 passes?

Since Prop. 205 allows it, we firmly believe that the City of Phoenix, along with numerous other Cities, will say that ONLY the existing MEDICAL Marijuana Dispensaries can grow and sell “Recreational” Marijuana.