Does Prop. 205 allow Cities and Counties to regulate Arizona’s Smoke Shops?


Prop. 205 says that Cities or Counties can enact Zoning Ordinances to regulate ANY businesses (including Smoke Shops) who sell “Marijuana Accessories.”

(The City-Council or County-Council decides whether a business is selling “Marijuana Accessories” or not!)

Due to the social stigma attached to Marijuana use, we can reasonably expect that the Zoning Ordinances for businesses who sell “Marijuana Accessories” will be much more strict than the Zoning Ordinances that currently exist for businesses who sell “Tobacco Accessories.”

Prop. 205 also says that any of the new City or County Zoning Ordinances can NOT be imposed on an existing Marijuana Dispensary that is currently located in it’s jurisdiction.

In other words, Prop. 205 allows Cities or Counties to FORCE SMOKE SHOPS to move if they are selling “Marijuana Accessories”, but Cities and Counties can NOT force Marijuana Dispensaries to move, even if they sell “Marijuana Accessories”!

Of course, Prop. 205 allowing Cities or Counties to regulate Smoke Shops could all be a moot point if the new Marijuana Department DESTROYS Arizona’s Smoke Shops by saying that ONLY Licensed Marijuana Dispensaries can sell “Marijuana Accessories” to Adults.