How does Prop. 205 affect Arizona’s SMOKE SHOPS?

Arizona’s Prop. 205 has the potential to completely DESTROY Arizona’s SMOKE SHOPS!

Prop. 205 is being sponsored by a group of Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owners who are trying to get a Monopoly on the “Marijuana Accessories” Market!

Prop. 205 creates a new “Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control” and says that this new Marijuana Department would be run, in part, by the Marijuana Dispensary Owners.

Prop. 205 also says that this new Marijuana Department must enact rules and regulations for ANY businesses that THEY BELIEVE are selling “Marijuana Accessories.” (The “Marijuana  Department” gets to decide whether Smoke Shops are selling “Marijuana Accessories” or not!)

Arizona’s Smoke Shop Owners are all worried that the new Marijuana Department will say that ONLY the “Licensed Marijuana Dispensaries” can sell “Marijuana Accessories” to Adults if Prop. 205 passes!

If that does happen and a Smoke Shop doesn’t have a “Marijuana Dispensary License”, the Smoke Shop could then be shut down by the “Marijuana Department” for selling “Marijuana Accessories” without a valid license! And unfortunately, Prop. 205 says that ONLY the existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are guaranteed to receive any of the new “Marijuana Dispensary Licenses.”

In this way, Prop. 205 has the potential to completely DESTROY Arizona’s Smoke Shops overnight!